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Fly Fishing for Bonefish in the Bahamas
with Brian O'Keefe

Brian O'Keefe has traveled to some of the wildest and most remote angling destinations in the world, including: Bikini Atoll, the Seychelles, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Tonga, Cuba and Kashmir. He has also traveled to more accessible locations, such as: the Bahamas, Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Chile, New Zealand, Christmas Island and more. He's fished for Bonefish just about everywhere so join us and learn how to fish for these incredibly fast flats fish.

Show Reviews

Comment   Listener

I did get to listen to the show. Even though I will probably never get to fish for bonefish, it was still interesting.

  Joe Drab Jr
South Dakota
United States

Loved it and even better I won the raffle for the fly line. I thought it was very entertaining as well as informative. For "talk radio" it was able to keep my interest for the whole hour and a half.

  Ken Kaufmann
United States

Great broadcast! Very informative, speaker was extremely knowledgeable and a good communicator.

  Jim Smith
United States

I enjoyed it.

  J Ibarra
United States

I was very impressed with the program. Your questions probed into virtually every aspect of fishing the Bahamas. I am certainly going to check back for future programs.

  Lee Haskin
United States

Great concept! Looking forward to more in the future.

  Dennis Mochan
United States

Just finished listening to this broadcast, even though it was way last spring. It was a really great broadcast, and made me realize that I probably could afford a bonefish trip to the bahamas. I'm going to do it. Thanks for a great show.

  Jon Wright
New Jersey
United States

I took a trip to Ascension Bay, Yucatan last year and have become crazy about salt water flats fishing.  I downloaded your podcasts on Bonefish and Tarpon prior to my trip...again, found the tactics described on your program very useful.  I'm looking forward to your Feb. 20 broadcast with Dick Cameron to see what I missed (without a doubt, I'm headed back).

  Tom Smith
United States

I always enjoy listening to Brian talk, this was very informative and I got an idea that we should have some areas around here that might hold juvenile fish. Thanks Guys.

  Mike McKeown
South Africa

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