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Secrets of Chironomids
with Brian Chan

Brian Chan’s knowledge and understanding of Chironomids in stillwaters is unmatched. Join us to learn about how these insects live and how we as fly fishers can become better fly fishers by understanding their life cycle.

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I enjoyed tonight's show with Brian Chan. He is one of the foremost authorities on chironomid fishing and it is a pleasure to be able to listen to him share his knowledge of flyfishing for chironomids.

  Lorne Leong
British Columbia

As always Brian is very informative and I always look forward to your broadcasts with Brian as the guest.

  Terry McCarthy
British Columbia

A very informative show. Thank you.

  Frederic Thorner
New York
United States

The show was great. I had never heard about Menhaden before tonight so thos was very inlightening. Greeting from snowy Rochester, MN.

  Phillip Pankow
United States

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