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Carp on the Fly
with Brad Befus

Fly fishing for carp is one of the hottest fishing challenges around; they're big, smart and are found almost everywhere. Join Brad Befus as he exposes the secrets of fly fishing for carp and learn the strategies and techniques of catching these challenging fish.

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Wished I had found Ask About Fly Fishing along time ago, the show yesterday on 'Carp on the Fly' was great, never knew it was actually that much of a sport on the fly, I am scratching my head trying to figure out where I can go test my skills on the carp now, thx for the info Brad. Tight Lines to ya !

  Garrett Brumit
United States

Excellent show! Thank you for answering my question!

  Ron Koldeweid

Carp on the Fly was a wonderful show full of very informative facts and ideas about many topics from the history of carp to how to go about catching these fish consistantly. A real gem of a show. Thank you!

  Raymond Eichelberger
United States

I enjoyed the show.

  Sam Roberts
United States

I thought the show was great and helpful and also entertaining I was wondering if Brad has a web site? thanks again for the show I will defantly be duying Brads book & DVD.

  Jesse Summers
United States

Great show. re-inforced the need for longer leaders in me. Also the section on carp behavior was very enlightening. I will be checking into his patterns for sure.

  George K
North Dakota
United States

I have church on Wednesday nights so I am thankful that you allow me to listen online at a later date. As usual the program was very informational. If someone truly wanted to target Carp, I could see where this program would be very beneficial to them. I really enjoy the "specific" germane to the topic info you provide. Having grown up in IA catching the occasional carp on a worm or something, I can testify to the power in the fight of even an average fish. I can't say I plan to actually flyfish for carp but if I were, the information provided would be very appreciated.

  Royce E. Van Blaricome
United States

Informative & entertaining, wish we had carp up here, I'd like to try for them.

  Bob Heptonstall

Super interview. I was brought up on fishing for carp in Iowa, and they are a tremendously strong fish. This was doughball country, of course, so I am really enthused about fishing for them on the fly. I have his book and will crack it in front of the fire this winter, and get the tying vise going.

  Gordon Larson
United States

I very much enjoyed the interview with Brad Befus. I don't necessarily listen to the broadcasts when they are the featured interview. In fact, I usually listen months after they are recorded. But I listen to them more than once. I hope you'll keep this up and continue making the interviews available for download. I have some places very near my home in New Jersey where I can fish for carp (the Passaic River, for one), and I'm going to do that. I thought Brad was a great interview.

  Jon Wright
New Jersey
United States

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