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Sightfishing the Flats of the Indian River Lagoon
with Capt. Robert (Bob) Jaspers

Learn from Capt. Bob Jaspers the secrets of sightfishing the flats of Indian River Lagoon, Mosquito Lagoon and the Banana River's No-Motor-Zone. This area is the premier angling destination for big redfish, spotted sea-trout, and black drum - there's nothing more exciting than sightfishing in shallow water!

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Great show.. Time well spent! Something I really enjoyed was towards the end where you went into what tackle and gear to use.. that helps a lot. Look forward to the next show.

  Andrew Brittain
United States

I enjoyed this presentation very much. Capt. Bob Jaspers certainly is knowledgeable on this subject which became apparent even through his self effacing manner. The host was also very pleasant to listen to, and asked the right questions for clarity.

  Chuck Shaw
United States

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