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Fishing Wet Flies, Old School Still Works
with Bill Edrington

Bill Edrington knows what works and one of those things is fly fishing with wet flies for trout. If you haven't been using wet flies this show will be very enlightening and may change the way you fish in the future.

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Comment   Listener

Great show, thanks so much. Bill is fascinating to listen to!

  Dan Dolquist
United States

Great show as always. I do use wet flies as well as dry flies. I look at my fly box as a tool box. You use what tool you need. Also another good knot to use in my opinion would be the George Harvey Dry Fly Knot.

  Phil Pankow
United States

Enjoyed. First time listner. Will tune in for the next broadcast

  Daniel Sherfy
United States

An absolute great show.I have been fly fishing for some 12 years and I can't remember ever using a wet fly, but I can guarantee you that I will soon.Thank you Roger and Thank you Bill "Arkansas" Edrington.

  Rod Brashears
United States

Excellent show. Not long enough.

  Mark Stevenson
United States

I really enjoyed the show. This is the first time I have listened live. I have saved several of the archived shows and I listen to them over and over while i am working on my computer. Fishing wet flies is somthing I would like to do more of and this show encouraged me to get going. Thanks.

  Kenny Gilman
United States

Great program. Always enjoy Bill. First heard/met him (and Larry) at out New Mexico Trout conclave several winters ago.

  Mark Kalin
New Mexico
United States

Yet another absolutely amazing show, with a virtual icon from the Arkansas drainage, in Colorado. Bill Edrington has shown, even on a previous show, and in print, his expertise in this trout area of the west. Thanks once again to you, Roger, for organizing such a wonderful show for your passionate listeners!!!! I look forward to getting to know the Arkansas better in coming years, since I intend to relocate there someday.

  Mark Mathews
United States

Bill, I have now listened to your show for the 5th time and keep going back to pick up on all the stuff I have missed. Thanks for the great information on wet flies and I am pumped up to fish them even more after just being turned on to them this last year. I have learned a ton from your interview and a few locals like Davy Wotton. Great recommendation on the books too. Now I just need more time to fish.....

  Martin Kollman
United States

Bill Edrington is great. I've listened to the podcast three times - so far.

  Silas Gray
United States

I really enjoyed the show. I have always fished mostly with wets and I learned some new tricks. If you can, I would like to hear more shows on classic flies/techniques/equipment.

  Jason Klett
New Jersey
United States

This is the first show I've listened to. Great show! I really enjoyed Bill's comments. I have a bunch of wet flies just hanging around. I'm going to start using them! Thanks for a great show.

  Arnie Superchi
New Hampshire
United States

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