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How Many Menhaden Do We Really Need, and Why Fly Anglers Should Care?
with Beau Beasley

Beau Beasley an award-winning outdoor writer answers your questions on the importance of menhaden also known as bunker, pogie, and fatback to our coastal fisheries. These forage fish are eaten by almost every predator species in the sea and are threaten by over fishing. If you fish coastal river systems and saltwater coastlines from Texas to Maine, the fate of these crucial forage fish should matter to you.

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I have grown up around Rene' as he is my grandfather. I have had the pleasure to listen to all his speeches. Also learn all I know about fly fishing from him. Everyone will enjoy tonight's broadcast.

  Brady Wheeler
United States

Enjoyed the show. It's always fun to hear the seasoned vet's lay out their ideas and experiences. How else are we going to learn what realy counts in specific waters when we live to far to fish them every day.

  Mike Kuberski
United States

Terrific show. Rene is very interesting. I have spent about a week in the Island Park area fishhing a few years ago and have been anious to go back ever since. I took a lot of notes and am planning to be back to the Henry's Fork this coming summer. Thanks again for a great program.

  Joel Wilson
United States

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