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Pecock Bass
with Barry Reynolds

Barry Reynolds has recently returned from an exciting fly fishing adventure for peacock bass on the Rio Negro River in Brazil. Peacock bass are also found in the rivers and canals of Florida, Hawaii, Central America and other South American countries. Join Barry to learn about fly fishing for these beautiful fish.

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I enjoyed his talk on a fish I have never fished for. It's a trip I would like to do in the future with my flyfishing club. A matter of a four hour drive to get to the East coast. Barry comes across as an expert in many areas of fishing. I gained a lot of knowledge from his talk especially on the Peacock Bass.

  Steve Kolesar
United States


  Paul Voelker

I didn't hear the last show, but I do want to thank you for making all these shows available via download. I'm listening to Bill Edrington's Caddis show right now. You guys are really terrific.

  Gene Mahn
United States

I enjoyed the show Peacock Bass with Barry Reynolds as all your shows. I always hear something I can use. Thanks again.

  rory mcdowall
United States

Excellent show.... except I was somewhat dismayed that peacock bass were stocked. I know this invasive species was brought into eat/control another invasive species much like the chinook was stocked in the Great Lakes to control alewife. Now, the chinook has been good for "business" in the Great Lakes, we now worry when the alewife numbers decline, how ironic. If we only used chinook to reduce the alwife so native species could have been re-established. If fishery managers initially took a longer range view they could have conducted rehabiltaion efforts as well as control measures during the almost fifty years we have been stocking cinooks. The Central New York Fly Tiers have been lobbying to get greater efforts to establish alantic salmon spawning stocks in their native streams. I hope the fisheries managers can use the peacock bass to get the numbers of tialpia under control while working to rehabilitate the system... we have to remember aquatic invasive species are the single greatest threat to aquatic ecosystems. They reduce biodiversity and threaten native species. Again I enjoyed the show, Tom Marks NY Director Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council

  Thomas Marks
New York
United States

I thought this was one of your best shows to date, thanks!

  Rupert Kuhne
South Carolina
United States

This was great! Not enough people mention the relationship between Peacock Bass and cichlids. Seriously, a Peacock Bass is a big Oscar/Jack Dempsey etc etc. It almost should not be called a "bass". Also VERY nice to know that there are sub-species.

  Bernard Yin

Your show is fantastic! Being a beginner fly fisherman i am learning a great deal from your comments and practcal advice and great skills.

  Wayne Dobson


  Ray Markiewicz
New York
United States

Enjoyed the show, thanks.

  Paul Knauth
United States

Absolutely excellent!! Thank you very much I appreciate you and what what is being done here.Keep it up and I will keep listening.

  Jerry Serrick

Enjoyed it very much. Very large topic to be covered in only 1.5 hrs. covered lots of ground for a beginner to get started.

  Roberto Reginato

Thanks for the great show. I love (to eat) salmon and love flyfishing. Unfortunately I have not been able to go flyfishing for salmon yet. Memphis doesn't give me many opportunities, but thank you for a show that took me there in my imagination!

  Stephen Brown
United States

Great show as usual guys. I wish I could listen live, but I work nights, so I subscribe on iTunes and listen on my iPod while at work. It is a great way to make my evenings of running a printing press a little more fun. Keep it up.

  Rick Pasley
United States

You could tell Barry really knows his stuff and enjoys sharing it with others. Another great show guys.

  Phil Pankow
United States

Great show cant wait for the next one.

  Wayne Dobson

Just got done listening to the show. As always, I enjoyed this one too. I know I've said this before, but I am especially thankful and grateful that I can download these programs and listen to them over and over. I usually am doing something related to work while trying to listen to the program, and I have never been able to listen well to anything while thinking about something else. I did pick up on enough though and will keep it on hand should I ever decide to target Atlantic salmon. Btw, I think most of the Atlantic salmon that are in WA are in the lakes but I believe I did hear something about some being released in Puget Sound.

  Royce E. Van Blaricome
United States

I enjoyed it very very much! I live in Lake Havasu City,AZ. We had an awesome carp fishery. I have been trying to use a small chartruse downwing fly size 14 with little success. What Barry said about flash, answer the question I was asking myself. What I will do is tie the same fly in light olive. I also have a couple of cotton wood plants in my back yard so I will set my fishing days up when they start to bloom. I have tied several cottonwood seed imitations using a size 10 scud hook. With yellow tying thread with white wool tied egg style. I catch them for sport and used to catch them all of the time when I lived on the Delta in California. I use to use a yellow body spider with white rubber legs along the sweepers.

  Daniel Gonsalves
United States

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