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Fly Fishing and Photographing the World
with Barry & Cathy Beck

Barry and Cathy Beck have traveled the world fly fishing and photographing their adventures. Learn how their secrets about traveling for fly fishing and how to get the best photographs for youself or your clients.

Show Reviews

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Excellent suggestions. I'm buying a digital camera.

  Joe Harpe
British Columbia

It was awesome!!! Very informative. I've downloaded all your podcasts. I know listen to them as I drive to and from work, or while I'm tying flies. I love the show. Keep up the good work. I do freelance design on the side, let me know if you need any work done. I'll do it for free. Thanks.

  Steve Mozurkewich
United States

Great Show, only to short will you be haveing Barry & Cathy Beck in the future. Photograph and fishing just up my street.

  David Hilton
United Kingdom

The show was good as always. It was nice to change it up a bit and talk photography. That is an aspect that we seem to over look sometimes. It was refreshing to get a pro prospective on how to take a good photo while fishing and what lenses one should consider. Thanks once again for a great show.

  Garnet Dunn
British Columbia

Roger, Barry and Cathy: Thanks very much for doing this show. I listened so intently that time flew by! I took several pages of notes that have already improved my photography. The show was awesome and I hope that Roger does another interview with you sometime in the future. Thanks.

  Frank Dalziel
British Columbia

You guys have the best shows...Better then any other sportfishing internet show...I got you on my facebook.... Peace

  Anthony Cooke
United States

Hi Roger, I really enjoyed Denny's presentation on still water presentation. A lot of really good ideas for more effectively covering the water, and getting the fly in the right zone for longer. I will use what I have learn't in this weekends Victorian Fly Fishing Competition. Cheers,Mike

  Mike Nolan

It was a great show. I think they do fantastic work and I really appreciated the way both of them but specifically Barry addressed the issues of photography in the field and the simple direct approach they took in explaining it.

  Bob Lillard
United States

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