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Fly Fishing Soft-Hackles
with Allen McGee

Allen McGee specializes in both traditional and progressive soft-hackle flies and fly fishing methods. He pushes the boundaries of these wet flies and knows how to get the most out of this often ignored fly fishing method. Join us and learn how to use the soft-hackle method of fishing to catch more fish.

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I've read all of Allen McGee's books, and I enjoy tying and fishing soft-hackles. The show was a good introduction to tying and fishing soft hackles. Allen's interview included some information on fishing techniques, but there is much more information in his latest book. There needs to be a "part 2" to make this interview comprehensive

  Roger Campbell
United States

Soft hackles are the best kept secret in the fly fishing world. I am glad Allen Mcgee brought out the fact that the soft hackles are used much more than just swinging across the current. He is a wealth of information and the show was outstanding.

  Gil Hassen
United States

Really enjoyed learning more about soft hackles and the presenter was very knowledgeable. He did struggle a bit explaining the figure 8 retrieve but it is difficult to do on radio. I believe he was referring to a hand twist retrieve. I may purchase his book because I enjoyed learning from him.

  Craig Myers
United States

I like his passion for soft hackles! I am all ears when these icons talk. I would love to be fly on the wall with Wooton, McGee and maybe Edgerington and Whitlock swapping tales! Cannot wait to hear the next show....

United States

1. Allen McGee may well surpass Devin Olsen in terms of density and then total amount of information explained understandably. And, he's a pleasure to re-listen to. I reviewed Dave Hughes program about wet flies and heard Hughes say back then to buy his own book first then Allen's because Allen's was so good. 2. Wow. 3. BTW, hats off also to Roger for how good you are in setting the stage then steering guests for 1.5 hrs to be so informative and entertaining. If that good at fly fishing, you should be your own guest sometimes. And, keep off the ice, bro. Seriously, well done. A treasure.

  Don Brannon
North Carolina
United States

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