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Drifting for Smallmouth Bass in Wisconsin Tributaries
with AJ Dudek

AJ Dudek will share his secrets about one of the best smallmouth bass fisheries in the country. With seven and eight weight rods we have the privilege of fishing top water in the summer and baitfish patterns in the spring and fall of the year for one of the best fighting fish there is.

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Very information show. I will fish Wiscosin more could AJ send me an email?

  Neil Brown
United States

A great show and very informative. AJ shared great tips on water, flies, and plenty of things to think about in pursuing smallmouth here in WI.

  Brian L
United States

AJ did an excellent job talking about the mysteries of smallmouth bass and why sometimes they're there and sometimes they're not. Like the line, "Fish the best water."

  Stuart Van Dorn
United States

Very nice presentation. I enjoyed this one on smallmouth fishing and learned a few new things which should help with my fly fishing. Thanks for this presentation.

  Howard Geller
United States

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