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Montana Without the Crowds
with Aaron Jasper

Aaron Jaspers, loves to fish but doesn't love the crowds. He's been exploring some fisheries that are off the beaten track in Montana where you can catch nice sized fish easily and avoid the crowds. Join us to learn more about some great places to fish.

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Great show and Thank you!!!

  Rod Brashears
United States

I don't think I got any thing new from this presentation. Most every thing is published.

  Ed Enochs
United States

I liked the topic and there were some good suggestions but overall the show seemed to go off on tangents, making it hard to follow.

  Mary Lilly
United States

I lived in Montana MANY years ago. The podcast brought back fine memories. I want to go back!

  Fred Peachman
United States

Great show. Listened to it while walking my dog along the Bow River in Calgary. Aaron's easy going approach was very refreshing and it introduced me to a part of Montana I had only fished a bit some years ago when I had some work in Butte. I fished the upper part of Clark's Fork just past Anaconda and had good walk and wade fishing just off the road. I will plan to spend a bit of time exploring the streams in the Philipsburg area next next summer or fall. Hope you have great fishing in Belize.

  Douglas McLean

I really liked the specifics.

  Bernie Robidart
United States

I was looking forward to learning how to find some smaller and lesser known spots in Montana. I have heard Aaron's shows before but I was very disappointed in this one. Rock Creek as a hidden stream without the crowds? Are you kidding me? Look at any guide book for Montana and it probably takes up more pages than any river other than the Madison or Missouri. That would be like someone telling you that the Cheeseman Canyon or the South Platte was a place to go to get away from crowds. I also question his credibility when he talks about 100 fish days on Rock Creek or 40 fish days without a boat on the Blackfoot. Both are wonderful streams with fantastic scenery, but I can only imagine people who have never fished it are now planning trips because the fishing is so easy. A good day on Rock Creek may result in a half dozen Browns or cutts, but they are difficult to fool.

United States

So informative and also entertaining. Lots of good ideas and we will use. Thanks, Pudge. So glad we tuned in tonight..

United States

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