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New York City Fly Fishing - Only a Cab Ride Away
with Aaron Jasper

New York City area is one of the most densely populated areas in the country. However, if one were to take a map, a pencil compass and make a 90 mile circle around New York City there are hundreds of high quality fly fishing streams within this area. Join us as we take a tour of some great fisheries in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania all within a short drive of the 'Big Apple'.

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Great insight! Thanks Aaron.

  Dave Marfiewicz
New Jersey
United States

Aaron is so knowlegable about the local waters near Manhattan. I really enjoyed hearing about my backyard. I learned some new places and was surprised by some as well. Can't wait till it makes the archives so I can listen to it again and take more notes! Thank you on a terrific show!

  Dee Kelly
New Jersey
United States

Great show! Aaron talked about many spots I did not know about, but plan to try! My son lives in Brooklyn now and can't get away for a long fishing trip, so this show really hit the spot! Thanks very much.

  Tom Carroll
United States

Great show, keep it going

  Andy Stillittano
United States

Great Show.. Look forward to each one.. Thank You

  Ronnie Foreman
United States

Good show. I had a hard time understanding the name of some of the rivers Aaron named. I'm not from the area, so perhaps it was his accent and the unusual river names.

  Mark Murray
United States

Have never really thought of fishing in or around NYC. A lot of nice country was described along with some nice size fish. I have been to a number of large cities in the US but never considered mass transit or a taxi to go fishing. If that is what it takes to net a large rainbow or brown, then why not. Enjoyed the show and appreciated being selected for the FFF membership.

  Warren Landry
United States

Very interesting, especially from my perspective of a newbie flyfisher. The broadcast raised awareness of the many trout fisheries within a short ride from NYC. Aaron Jasper conveyed his joy, knowledge, and experience of the sport of fly fishing. I will likely follow his website on European nymphing.

  Rocco Pugliese
New York
United States

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