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Ask About Fly Fishing - Internet Radio and the Federation of Fly Fishers Combine Efforts

The Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) has announced an affiliation with the Internet radio show Ask About Fly Fishing (AAFF), with a goal to increase membership and advance its educational and conservation programs.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) March 28, 2006 -- The American Fly Fishing Trade Association reports that over 18 million adults in America have an unfulfilled interest in fly fishing. Dr. Ron Cordes, FFF vice-chairman states, "Newcomers and youngsters are the future of our sport. Their use of the Internet makes Internet radio a natural medium for our drive to increase membership, and further enhance our educational and conservation programs".

In addition to promoting educational opportunities such as the annual Conclave (July 25-29 in Bozeman, MT), the Federation of Fly Fishers supports many conservation initiatives of importance to fly fishers. Currently, an International Fly Tying Competition is being held to support Federation programs.

Ask About Fly Fishing - Internet Radio offers interviews of industry experts, who answer questions from the audience. The live program offers a unique call-in Q&A session, and the show can be heard as a live or recorded webcast, or a podcast. The AAFF website provides a link to the national Federation of Fly Fishers' website, as well as fly fishing clubs, fly shops and guides. A comprehensive national events calendar for shows, meetings, demonstrations, and all fly fishing related events is also planned.

The next live broadcast will be April 5th at 7:00 PM (MT) and will feature Barry Reynolds expert fly fisherman, speaker and author. His recently published book "Mastering Pike on the Fly" teaches fly fishers how to catch monster pike. On the show Reynolds will answer questions about successfully fishing for these challenging explosive fish.

D. Roger Maves and Don Bishop, founders and co-hosts of AAFF, regard education and conservation as the cornerstones of a bright fishing future. They say, "Smarter fly fishers are more successful, bring more friends to it, and purchase more equipment, guide services, magazines, etc. They are best able to address issues which will continue to make quality fishing available to future generations."

Membership in the Federation of Fly Fishers offers newcomers a host of opportunities, and even includes some freebies! For more details on the organization and membership go to the Federation of Fly Fishers' web site,

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