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Company Name:The Knowledge Group, Inc.
dba Ask About Fly Fishing - Internet Radio
Corporate Headquarters:Westminster, Colorado
Founded:1995 - The Knowledge Group, Inc.
2006 - Ask About Fly Fishing - Internet Radio
Founder:D. Roger Maves
Don Bishop
The Company:Ask About Fly Fishing broadcasts interviews over the Internet and through a telephone conference system of experts in the fly fishing industry including guides, authors, and travel hosts. The supporting web site also offers other global services to its users including directories of shops, guides, travel services, media and clubs as well as an events calendar.
Mission:Ask About Fly Fishing seeks to create a center for
education, learning and communication between fly fishers worldwide.
Financial:Private Company
Target Audience:Novice to Experienced Fly Fishers
Web Site:

Ask About Fly Fishing

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