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D. Roger Maves


D. Roger MavesD. Roger Maves first learned how to fish from his father and grandfather while living in Alaska as a child. At age 13 he began tying flies and fly fishing with a friend and caught his first fish (a large mouth bass) on a mosquito pattern. That's when he caught the fishing fever that hasn't seemed to go away.

Roger is a nationally recognized author, web site designer, trainer and photographer. He has a degree in Illustrative Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography and worked for many years in advertising and design. He has worked with computers for the last 20 years and has extensive experience in both hardware and software.

Roger currently resides in the Denver, Colorado area and continues to write, train, and develop web sites. Founder and principal of The Knowledge Group, Inc., he specializes in thinking, creativity, innovation, marketing and communication.

Don Bishop


Don BishopDon Bishop was first introduced to fly tying as a teenager in Colorado. An avid fisherman, he began fly fishing in Idaho many years later when professional training in veterinary, and then human medicine allowed.

His base of operations for fly fishing and hunting the western and prairie states is now the Bozeman, Montana area. Happiest when active in the outdoors, Don anxiously awaits expanding his experience into the saltwater fly fishing arena. As the son, husband, and father of teachers, it's probably natural that Don regards fly fishing, as well as life, as a continual educational journey.

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