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Ask About Fly Fishing - Internet Radio was created, from a love of learning about fly fishing, by it's founders D. Roger Maves and Don Bishop.

Founded on January 1st, 2006, it started with the idea that fellow fly fishers should be able to learn from fly fishing experts, while sitting in the comfort of their home. By combining both streaming audio over the Internet and the telephone conference call, Roger and Don defined the delivery methods for their live interviews. Listeners can listen to the broadcasts by telephone or by just clicking on a link on their computer screen.

Taking it a step further, each call is recorded and transcribed so that even if a listener can't make the live call, they can listen to the recorded call or read the written transcripts at a later date. Over time the archived calls become part of a library that listeners can access whenever they want.

Ask About Fly Fishing also offers other global services to its users including directories for shops, guides, travel, media and clubs and an events calendar.

Ask About Fly Fishing seeks to create a center for education, learning and communication between fly fishers worldwide.

Ask About Fly Fishing

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